A dark haired woman smiling broadly while receiving a wrapped present.

The Viking On My Wishlist – A Contemporary Nordic Christmas Romance

Author: Vinie Walling
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kindle Price: $4.52
Paperback Price: $7.99

For readers embracing the Danish way of celebrating a cosy Christmas – a quirky funny Christmas romance about wishes coming true and finding love at last …

As a child, Gitte wished for only one thing: the perfect boyfriend. Every year she wrote a letter addressed to Father Christmas. When her mother fell ill, Gitte dropped everything to stay close to her family including her dreams of living abroad. Years later, Gitte still lives in her hometown Roskilde. Her childhood wish comes back to haunt her when she meets Lukas, a former classmate and shipwright at the Viking Ship Museum. Although Lukas is the shy silent type, he is determined to help Gitte to overcome her fears of abandonment and make her long-forgotten wish finally come true.

This novel is filled with Danish Christmas traditions like dancing around the Christmas tree. Enjoy the magic of Christmas in Denmark’s most romantic city, Roskilde.

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